Sroop Sunar: The Golden Glassy

A Visual History of Inebriated England

An exhibition of original screen printed, wood mounted pub signs. Some very nice prints are available for sale here

D&AD Award-winning illustrator Sroop Sunar looks back hundreds of years to present a pictorial history of England, using the traditional British pub sign to redraw our cultural and visual heritage. 

Influenced by the aesthetic of everyday Asian consumer goods, Sroop playfully explores her dual Indian and English ancestry, skillfully retelling the visual history of her two cultures with idiosyncratic visual wit.

Pubs have been dubbed the “heart of England” and their iconic signs give a fascinating glimpse back into the local history of each establishment, where the visual element of the signage was often more important than the text in times when many could not read.

The Golden Glassy encompasses pub signs stretching across almost a millennium, from England’s most popular pub name, The Red Lion, through the dark legend of The Slaughtered Lamb, to the knowing irony of The Office. The title of the exhibition plays on Sroop’s dual culture. "The Golden Glassy" is a modern pub in a predominantly Asian community in the Midlands: “glassy” is an Anglo-Indian term meaning glass, while “golden” mimics the English tradition of pub names. Combined they describe a favoured Indian drink - a glass of whisky. - The Arts Gallery, High Holborn, London

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