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Rummy Good

Whilst we modestly believe we are the best wine, whiskey and speciality beer retailer in Auckland we also stock some brilliant Rum:

We don't carry a huge amount of Rums, but those we do carry are top notch!
Rum is not confined solely to Jamaica and we have great examples from Trinidad, Guyana, Venezuela, Barbados, Dominica and even New Zealand.
Rum of course is distilled from sugar and/or molasses.  Indeed you can well say that the history of Rum is the history of sugar. What is not generally realised is how old some of the existing companies have been in existence. Many go back to the late 17th century. For example Appleton 1749 and Mt Gay 1663!


A word regarding the effect of Tropical ageing

As I'm sure most of you are aware with whiskey we have evaporation from the barrel known as “the Angels share” which in Scotland is about 2% a year. In the Tropics due the greater temperature it is about double that, I.e. 4%. Therefore ageing is considered to be faster. The great Rum Houses claim that an age statement with Rum should be loosely compared with double that of Scotch!

Rum styles

Jamaica – rich, aromatic. Use of pot stiles
Barbados – light sweetish  rums. Pot and columns stiles
Cuba – light bodied and crisp. Column stiles
Dominica – full bodied. Column stiles.
Guyana – rich, heavy style. Both pot and column stiles
Trinidad – light rums. Column stiles
Guatemala – medium body, good for ageing. Column stiles
Venezuela – longer barrel aged gold and dark rums. Column and pot stiles

Recommendations for you

British Navy - Pussers Rum

From 1655 to 1970 was the rum issued to the Navy and was not available to the general public until 1970! Aged, smooth, deep burnt amber colour. Gives aromas of sherry and cedar wood. Taste of Brazil nut, vanilla, oak and toffee with notes of cinnamon at the end.

British Virgin Islands - Ron Zacapa

Blend of rums aged in many different types of casks. Blended at 2,399 metres above sea level to allow the cooler air to slow the ageing process. Finished in French oak barrels. Toasted oak on the nose, taste of burnt caramel, orange peel and floral notes of honeysuckle.

On mixers

Coke if you really feel you must. However Joy Spence, the Head Distiller at Appletons for about 18 years, recommends Club Soda. So who am I to argue?

Coming into Spring go for a Tropical fruit juice such as Pineapple or Melon. I like this combination as it can be either a “short” or a great (long) hot weather drink. Long glass, ice, fruit juice, slices of fruit, garnish with mint or similar.

Peter (TVW staff and alcohol history buff extraordinaire)

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