Ochota Barrels Botanicals Of The Basket Range 2017 750ml

$56.99 NZD

Botanicals 2017


A unique concept in Australian wine, the Botanicals of the Basket Range takes weird and wonderful to another level. It starts with a bucket of fruit, then another, until every variety and every region in the Ochota Barrels 2017 vintage is added to egg69 a continuous ferment as one big happy family. Then Taras goes picking. Within 44 meters of his wine studio, he picks a bunch of different botanicals from his property. Everything from wormwood and sage, to river mint, rosemary, lemon balm and elderflower amongst others. He makes a bouquet garni (basically a giant teb-bag) and dunks it into the witch's brew. Awesome stuff. Inspired. In a way, this is Taras in a bottle. It is his passions, his fruits, his own patch of the earth, distilled into 600 bottles of wine. It is unique. It is brave and also totally without pretense. The Botanicals is more than a wine, it is an experience.


What it Tastes Like

A bushel of herbs. A mosh pit of smells and flavours. The mind boggles. It is just under medium bodied and feels as refreshing as a herbal tea or some strange health drink. Flavour is somewhere along the red and blue fruit spectrum but hard to pin down. The picked herbs stampede through the finish. There's grapefruit, pepper, a medicinal kick. It might even be closer to a white wine in terms of drinking experience. A little early grey tea. Don't know if that even does it justice. Just try it for yourself.


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