Ochota Barrels She's Lost Controll Adelaide Hills Fragola (isabella) 2017 750ml

$48.99 NZD

She’s Lost Control Fragola 2017 (Only 2 - 3 barrels made)


This is not your average wine. Actually, it's not even made from average wine grapes... Isabella - the variety - is part of the vitis labrusca family, a different genus of grape to the widely planted vitis vinifera varieties that fill the bottle shop shelves. The variety, Isabella (Fragola) is grown primarily for its phylloxera resistant rootstock, but here it makes a psychedelic wine. There is very little of it planted in the whole country. Only three short rows are available to Taras Ochota, which makes around 2 to 3 barrels. In his opinion, "The weirdest grapes I’ve worked with, the weirdest wine I’ve made", which is saying something... Weirdness factor aside, this is seriously good to drink. Brimming with jubey fruit and fascinating flavours. One for the experimental wine lovers out there.

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