Bodegas Aragonesas Coto de Hayas Garnacha Centenaria 2016 750ml

$35.99 NZD

A wine from Aragonese single-variety Garnacha wineries from very old rain-fed vineyards, cultivated by the traditional "glass" system. They are the payments of Monte Alto and La Sarda with a production of less than 1 kg of grapes per vine and that are located on very arid slate soils in terraces of reddish earth, on the slopes of the Iberian Range in the foothills of Moncayo. 

Bodegas Aragonesas can boast of having on the market several of the best Aragon wines made with Garnacha and this is among them. 

The beginning of the cultivation of the vine in the area and in particular of the Garnacha, dates back to the year 1145 and is attributed to the Cistercian monks of the Monastery of Veruela, located a short distance from Fuendejalón and Magallón.

Beautiful purple color of medium intensity, clean and bright. Very fruity aroma, with lactic notes reminiscent of blueberry cheese cake. The wood accompanies very discreetly with a vanilla and perfumed touch. The palate is a sweet, broad flavor, light and fresh, long drink, rich, rich. You can not take just one bottle, you'll open the second one. Fruity and harmonic. 


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