Champagne L Aubry Fils Aubry de Humbert 2007 750ml

Champagne L Aubry Fils Aubry de Humbert 2007 750ml

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2007 Aubry de Humbert is made solely from the best selection of the harvest. One third Chardonnay, one third Pinot Noir and one third Pinot Meunier:


???In the heart of Petit Montagne de Reims, the twin brothers Pierre and Philippe Aubry have shouldered a wine-growing legacy dating from 1790, with 16.5 hectares from 60 individual locations. Pierre, with a national diploma in oenology and Philippe with biology as his nisch run this small company nowadays in a highly innovative way. The yield is low and only ???coeur de cuv??e??? is used for the vintage wines. The grapes are divided into five classes according to their quality, and a considerable amount is vinified in old, traditional 205-litre oak barrels. The most remarkable thing about Aubry is that they have succeeded in making a brilliant Champagne out of three forgotten grape types, after an almost archaeological search for old plant varieties, Furthermore, many grapevines are planted ???en foule,??? as they were before phylloxera. The wines are very interesting and rich in flavour. 2000 Nombre d'Or with 40 percent arbanne, 20 percent petit meslier, 25 percent pinot gris, 5 percent pinot noir, 5 percent pinot meunier och 5 percent chardonnay must be the most remarkable composition of grapes in Champagne. A very interesting and singular issue with oxidative style. Old-fashioned and with certain fleshy tones that make one think of Bollinger. Smoky and intense.??? - Richard Juhlin

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