Craftwork Scotch Bonnet Flanders Brown Ale 7.4% 500ml

$16.99 NZD

Flanders Brown Ales, or Oud Bruins, are from East Flanders, in Belgium. We aged this brown ales for a year, in a whisky barrel from Dunedin's (sadly, extinct) distillery. The malt bill, mostly Gladfield's Ale malt was given a touch of smoke, from Peat and manuka. Gentle hopping, combined with the subtle malts and wild mixed yeast strains, have produced a complex, but balanced beer, with an oaky character. The tartness, derived in the barrel from the old beer, we mellowed with a younger batch. We thought the combination of the old and young warranted an image of the young pretender himself. Likely, the Bonnie Prince stopped off at Oudenaarde for a glass, either to, or from his forlorn adventure.
Scotch Bonnet will increase in depth and sourness in time; much like the House of Stuart's view of the Hanoverian shambles across the water. This beer will not be to everyones taste, nor will it easily fit within a style parameter: A Belgian Scotch - Old Brown - Provision Ale anyone? Slainte! 

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