Hidden World - Navy Strength Gin 60% 500ml

$69.99 NZD

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This Gin started its life being refered to as the “Roast Dinner Gin”. Due to the intense flavours of sage and thyme. As time went on it was refered to as the “Savory Gin”. Currently, it is just known as the Navy Gin as we generally warn people before they taste it straight that it’s going to be strong

Hidden World’s Navy Gin is a serious flavour explosion! With a massive Juniper base and strong savory characteristics from thyme and sage that are used in abundance.

Ingredients: Juniper, Thyme, Sage, Horopito, Black Pepper, Lime

Tasting notes: New Zealand’s Strongest Gin at 60%. Subdued nose of citrus, leads into a massive savoury bonanza of flavour with sage and thyme leading the charge backed up by spice and a luscious juniper base flavour.

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