Kill Devil 17 Year Old Sancti Spiritus Cuban Single Cask Rum 46.0% 700ml

$156.99 NZD

The family behind independent bottler Hunter Laing, who are more well known for their single cask, single malt Scotch bottlings (such as Old Malt Cask), have had their first foray into the rum market. The ?Kill Devil? range is comprised of limited edition, aged single cask rums from across the Caribbean and South Pacific. The old folk term ?Kill Devil? was the name given to homemade rums by many of these islanders in the 17th and18th Century. Today the superstitions have gone but these areas still remain the source of many exotic rums that have been selected exclusively to showcase the quality and diversity that they have to offer. Disitlled at Sancti Spiritus Disitllery, Cuba in January of 1999, this single cask has spent 17 years maturing in oak casks before being bottled. Vanilla'd on the nose with dried apricots and a slight waxiness. Fresh orchard fruits on the palate (pears and green apples) with a slight goosberry character. A sweet finish with a hint of leather. Only 362 bottles were yeilded from this single cask before being bottled at 46%.

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