Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Liqueur

$49.99 NZD

Chocolate Cream Liqueur


Notes from producer: "We continue our mission to prove that New Zealand can produce dairy products to rival the best in the world with the launch of our new fabulous Chocolate Cream Liqueur. Combining our passion for dairy with our penchant for chocolate, Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Cream Liqueur is the perfect smooth and creamy blend of fresh New Zealand cream and real, rich chocolate with a touch of triple distilled premium spirits for a truly adult treat.

Our bottle draws its inspiration from the very first milk bottles produced in the 1880s. Each bottle contains the Oritain traceability seal to certify authenticity and origin."


Tasting Notes

Nose: Fresh Hazelnut, white pepper, creamy cashew & cacao

Palate: Velvety mouth feel & creamy decadence developing into warm spice and rich layers of chocolate.

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