Toro Albala Electrico Fino Del Lagar 500ml

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100% Pedro Ximenez (PX)

Maximum age of wine is 10 years old, from a solera that was started 60 years ago.

It is the most famous full-bodied wine, ageing under veil in the wine cellars of Montilla-Moriles. Noticeably clean, brilliant and light in the glass, with an exquisite lightness. It has a straw colour with olive, emerald and topaz green tones. The origin of these green tones is unknown however. A bard once stated this is the result of subterranean and intimate unions of vines and olives roots. The origin of certain dark or black tonalities that sometimes appear on the surface of these dry wines in the refection of light is also unknown. With infinite smells, the dry wine has a complex, delicate and subtle bouquet.

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