Tuatara Sanctus Apricot Ardennes Belgian Golden Ale 7.5% 500ml

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Blessed are they who partake of this sun-kissed amber nectar. Sanctus Apricot Ardennes is an ode to the original brew masters with good old Kiwi ingenuity mixed in. Spicy citrus and nutmeg flavours are balanced by sweet apricot characters to complete a well-rounded brew. An abbey ale to deliver you to Tuatara's promised land. Amen to that.

Vibrant fruity esters, phenolic spicyness and subtle hint of the ripe apricot stone fruit within. Clove, banana, lemon zest and nutmeg balanced with jammy apricot flavours. A light malt body and sweetness fill the mid-palate with a smooth dry finish.



IBU: 15

Try With: Soft cheeses - camembert to blue

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