Champagne JESTIN 2009 Brut Nature 750ml
Champagne JESTIN 2009 Brut Nature 750ml

Champagne JESTIN 2009 Brut Nature 750ml

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50% Chardonnay (produced in Trepail by Dom. David Leclapart)

25% Pinot Meunier (produced in Cumieres by Dom. George Laval)

25% Pinot Noir (produced in Bouzy by Dom. Benoit Lahaye)

Bottled: July 2010

Disgorged: Nov 2020

Dosage: Zero

Bottles made: 6652 

First import to NZ: 2021 October - 24 btls available.

Hervé Jestin is an oenologist who is well-known in champagne circles. He is considered the specialist in biodynamics for sparkling wines. He divides his time between his position as Champagne Leclerc Briant's Chef du Cave, and professional advisor to other prestigious properties in France and abroad, essentially those practicing biodynamics, and making his own champagnes.

Since 2006, he has produced his own vintage champagne from grapes cultivated by Vincent Laval in Cumières, David Léclapart in Trépail, Benoit Lahaye in Bouzy.

Product description:
"This Champagne Brut can be used gastronomically rather than as an aperitif. In addition, it is also possible to taste a 'philosophical Champagne' in a very quiet space with a positive spirit. It gives the drinker of this wine a kind of rest. I think the idea is behind the tasting, feel the emotion of the wine The best temperature to serve it is 13 or 14 ° C. It is important to avoid an ice bucket, it is too violent.The Champagne takes a few minutes to breathe and open up to you. If you have a chance it is best to drink this wine on a flower or fruit day, according to the biodynamic calendar. " - Herve Jestin

An absolute masterpiece this Champagne from Herve Jestin, probably the best in organic viticulture in Champagne. With these extraordinary grapes, Hervé Jestin has produced a cuvée of remarkable precision. Fermented and aged in French oak barrels. Malolactic fermentation is applied during the sur 10 month maturation period.

Champagne Jestin is a young house founded in 2006 by Hervé Jestin, pioneer and recognized expert of organic and biodynamic viticulture around the world. Vintage 2006 was Jestin's first vintage and it is a mix of 34% Chardonnay from Trépail, from the David Léclapart estate and 33% Pinot Meunier and 33% Pinot Noir from Cumières, from the George Laval estate. The grapes are harvested according to the biodynamic calendar on 'fruit days'.

At all stages from the cultivation of the vines to the vinification of this Champagne it is all about respecting the natural cycles of nature and the main influences of the planets of the solar system. The inner planets of the solar system thus have a very strong influence on the alcoholic fermentations, while from the month of March the outer planets act on the malolactic fermentation. All of Herve Jestin's work as a winemaker revolves around learning and listening to wine, to work with intelligence and awareness of the nature around us.


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