23 Years.

Wine is a wonderful journey. Noriyo and I began ours in 1989 with a taste of ‘Mouton Rothschild 1979’. In order to bring the kind of wine we love to the (then dry) community of Mt Eden in 1995 we set up a winery at 417 Mt Eden Road, The Village Winery - NZ’s smallest!

On the 8th October 2018 we handed the retail baton of our business to Jak Jakicevich of Glengarry Wines and we wish him and his team well as they carry on the TVW legacy.

We are very proud to have shared the road with so many wonderful people over the 23 years. Noriyo and I sincerely wish to thank you all for supporting us at The Village Winery shop. We look forward to assisting you in other ways as we continue our search for great and unique wines, possibly even Japanese Sake?

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